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10 reasons you’re better off with a broker

Let me say this loudly, loyalty doesn’t necessarily pay anymore. Not with lenders (banks) anyway. They’re busy acquiring new clients, delivering dividends to shareholders... and they know that we Aussies like to stick with the brands we know. 

Banks can be guilty of taking their current clients for granted. You may have a long term savings account with a bank but that doesn’t guarantee you a great home loan. 

Loyalty is a characteristic we value but when it comes to home loans it could end up costing you more in repayments than is necessary. That’s when you’ve got to question the value of asking your bank, directly, for a loan. 

Often customers who have been with the same bank for a while can be easily swayed by the offers put right in front of them, tempted to go with the first one they see. After all, with the busy lives we all lead, it’s easy to just head to the bank and pick the first product the bank suggests, isn’t it?

These days, if you’re looking to find the right deal, with suitable inclusions and terms, and would like to save as much money as you can, this is where a mortgage broker - like me - can be worth their weight in gold to you. Look, you might even end up with your current bank, in the process, but boy will we make them work hard for you.  

10 reasons you’ll love a broker more than you love your bank...

  1. On January 1st 2020, Best Interests Duty (BID) will apply to brokers, not banks. This means you'll have a professional who is legally obligated to work and act in your best interests - and no one else's. 
  2. You get someone who works for you. Bankers work for their shareholders. 
  3. You’ll benefit from a comparison of over 60 banks and lenders who offer thousands of loans and products. ^
  4. You’ll have someone with you for the long haul, regularly checking in on your loan to ensure it aligns with your goals. 
  5. You’ll have someone fighting for the fittest rate on the market for you so that your loan matches your needs and goals, not the first product on the shelf. 
  6. You can contact me at any time, not just during the restricted working hours of a bank. 
  7. You’ll have a professional advising on rates, repayments, incentives and contracts.
  8. From the first Fact Find to the final repayment, your broker is with you all the way. 
  9. You won’t be left alone to negotiate with bankers, agents, conveyancers, accountants…
  10. Oh, and did I mention that having a broker comes at no cost to you?*

I’ll search high and low, across thousands of products, all the best known and emerging banks and lenders to find your loan. I'm a part of a family owned company, I genuinely want what’s right for you. 

Published: 20/9/2021

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